Tailored culinary experience

Jorden is something more, than just your regular restaurant…

We offer a multitude of side services, in addition to serving you at our restaurant.

Starting with business and weddings catering and finishing with waiter rentals and tailoring and delivering a diet menu for you…

We will keep you smiling, no matter what!


Wine catering

Our team is sure, that wine can be a heart and soul of absolutely any event or an occasion… Choose us and we’ll cater your event with a variety of different wines, with our sommeliers for help.


Business catering

While catering an entertaining occasion like a wedding or a party is easy, we also master choosing wines & food to accompany it for business meetings of any scale – from gala dinners to awards.


Waiters & Sommeliers

We’re proud of the fact, how accomplished the customer service our waiters do is… If you’ll ever need a professional waiter or a sommelier at your event – just give us a call and we’ll save the day!


Vineyards touring

If you’re looking for a balanced, well selected menu, our tailored personal catering service will deliver it to you in no time! Any item on our menu can be delivered using this service!


Rare wines

It’s not very often that you might be able to buy a bottle of rarest Schloss Marcobrunn Riesling of a 1955’s vintage… Especially that is a rare opportunity in Wisconsin. But we have this wine and a lot more of rare vintages!


Wine tasting

Wine tasting tours are one of our most popular additional services, which we are offering and host at our winery well since the ’70s… Usually, we throw those events bi-yearly, to make the most out of each single one!